At TSL Industries, we pride ourselves on being a family owned company run with honesty and integrity. We strive to provide exceptional quality of service with safety foremost in mind.

We provide oil field services which include: fresh water hauling, oil hauling, wash trucks, vacuum trucks, land spreading, drilling mud spill clean-up, daylighting (hydrovac), computerized pressure recording, winch trucks, semi trucks, and loader services for rig matting placement and snow removal.


service-preview-1OILFIELD HAULING

  • Crude Oil & Produced Water Hauling
  • Trucks are available with or without flotation tires

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service-preview-2VACUUM TRUCKS & WAGONS

  • Spill Clean-up
  • Land Spreading of Drilling Mud

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service-preview-3DAYLIGHTING – Certified with Manitoba Hydro

  • Daylighting for exposing of underground facilities
  • Removal of Drilling Rig Pit Debris
  • Drilling Holes for Building Piles

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service-preview-4PRESSURE TRUCKS

  • Annulus Tests
  • Pressure for Coil Tubing Rigs
  • Flowline Testing with Methanol
  • Circulating Wells
  • Pipeline Chemical Injections

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service-preview-5WASH / STEAMER TRUCKS

  • Wet or Dry Steam
  • Hot Water Washing including Degreasing System

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service-preview-6WINCH / SEMI TRUCKS

  • Tank Hauling
  • Heavy Equipment Hauling
  • Rig Matting Hauling

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  • Water Truck Services for Drilling Rig
  • Potable Water

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service-preview-9LOADER / TRACTOR SERVICES

  • Rig Matting Placement w/Loader and Track Hoe w/Grapple
  • Snow Removal (with Loader or Tractor)
  • Excavating
  • Skid Steer w/Grapple for small locations

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