Safety is an essential part of production; consequently, safety is integrated into all company policies and procedures. We have a full time Safety Officer, who is working hard to ensure that TSL is not only complying with legislation, regulations and industry recommended practices regarding the oil and gas industry as well as the trucking industry, but, exceeding them, to ensure the safety of all TSL employees as well as others we come in contact with. Our safety officer works closely with management, and the safety and health committee, to ensure we are always complying with safety regulations. We will continue to review and update our safety manual, orientation and training as required, due to changes in legislation and regulations and in our continual pursuit of safety.

In the process of applying our Safety Policies and Procedures, we continue to look for new and better ways to keep everyone safe. As our company continues to grow, we will continue to adapt and improve all safety policy and procedures. Through safety discussions with our employees we have placed an added emphasis on the importance of detailed documentation of near misses and incidents. This has resulted in an increased awareness of hazards and, we are pleased to note a decrease in actual incidents.

TSL has achieved the “Enform COR” designation for Manitoba and Saskatchewan. We are registered with “ISNetworld” and “Complyworks” as a contractor for a number of different companies.

TSL has all required insurance, including liability, vehicles and workers compensation in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

A summary of TSL safety performances as well as a copy of our Safety Manual and copies of COR documents are available upon request.